More than navigating...

At the extension of regular passenger navigation projects such as 'Kanaaltochten Brabant' , 'Boottochten Scheldeland' or 'Brussels by Water', it's more than just navigation. In the programme of these touristic boat trips there is always a guide provided. All the day trips are combined with city strolls or nature promenades, visits to curiosities, cycle tours, … Such arrangements are available as well for groups as for individual participants. We always try to combine the boat trips and adjust them to other forms of transport, such as recreative cycling and public train and bus transport.

The input of Scaldisnet into regional projects to develop the passenger navigation also relates to specific know-how concerning regulations in navigation, different nautical aspects, supervision on the safety of navigational personnel and the operational knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of the waterways.

Thanks to the support of a study cell and a documentation centre, Scaldisnet is many times asked to cooperate in strategic planning and to giving advice concerning touristic- recreative development alongside the waterways.

Scaldisnet also provides cooperation to promotional campaigns and the organisation of manifestations on and around the water. Rather than selling products, Scaldisnet aims to offer goods which are made in order to measure, integrated solutions and matching services and activities, all of this placed in a context of significant social evolution and sustainability.