Specialised partner organisations

Besides advising and providing operational service to organisations and governments and besides her participation in regional projects, Scaldisnet directs a number of supportive organisations which have a more specific and autonomous way of working. All these organisations make part of the network around Scaldisnet:

  1. The educational and further educational activities of the boat attendants and nautical guides are being seen to by 'Scaldis-educational centre nautical guides'. Also the guide association 'Scheldegids' operates under the cupola of Scaldisnet.
  2. Equally, the non-profit association 'Scaldis-infralog' advocates zealously for the realisation of public berths and a suitable regulation for passenger navigation. Where public berths lack, Scaldis-Infralog, in cooperation with different partners, tries to bring berths about, which can be used communally.
  3. The central reservation office 'Rivertours' with divisions in Aalst, Brussels, Temse and Antwerp, act as a general communicative, coordinative and reservation office. It handles the information towards customers, administrative en logistic processing of agreements and reservations for boat tours (navigation schemes, hours, mooring authorisations, registration of visitors, reporting) and gives orders to subcontractors (bus companies, guides, music groups, bicycle rent companies, …) Rivertours intercedes into diverse problems and unforeseen circumstances (defective works, grounded passengers, etc.).
    Rivertours has a licence as recognized tour operator, distributed by 'Toerisme Vlaanderen' (Tourism Flanders).
  4. Shipping companies and navigational operators
    Neither Scaldisnet, nor Rivertours nor the diverse regional projects dispose over their own passenger ships. For the execution of the boat tours, different passenger ships are being chartered upon several shipping companies which meet the needs of Scaldisnet in matters such as quality, price and security. Only passenger ships which were approved are being used for boat tours. Many times specific desires are brought in when hiring passenger ships because of low bridges, small sluices and minor draft.
    Shipment company 'Reko' which disposes over a number of low, rebuilt barges, is Rivertours' principal nautical partner. Though the last years other shipping companies are being appealed for.