Participation in transgressing regional projects

Scaldisnet participates to consultation institutes and cooperation projects which realise a regular offer of boat trips and arrangements on and around the waterways. This mainly in regions where there was no traditional passenger navigation or city navigation some 10 to 15 years ago, like for instance in the province of Vlaams-Brabant and the city of Brussels.

The project of 'Kanaaltochten Brabant' (non-profit association) is an example of inter communal cooperation.
As from this non-profit association, 14 channel communities of the province of Vlaams-Brabant cooperate with the waterway manager, with diverse regional organisations and touristic operators. They all coordinate their efforts for a justifiable touristic implementation of the channels of Brabant. This without discriminating the other functions of the waterway. Scaldisnet, being a specialised nautical partner, fulfils important advising and executing tasks.

Thanks to this concept and this pragmatic approach, it was possible to realise a programme of arranged boat trips, where through all the channel communities of the province Vlaams-Brabant are being connected to one another through passenger navigation.

Also the Region of Brussels, Waals-Brabant and Henegouwen are involved in this transgressing cooperation through a partnership of 'Kanaaltochten Brabant' with the projects 'Brussels by Water' and 'Circuits Brabant-Hainaut'. Slowly but surely a process of change is being carried out. Hereby the waterways of the ABC-axle (Antwerp - Brussels - Charleroi) obtain a more attractive and greener view. Cities are getting more inspired and charmed by water. Esplanades and cycle paths are being constructed nearby the water. In clearly defined zones, space is provided for new transshipment trade companies and different kind of activities which promote the nautical transport, this is very important for the present and future mobility. Scaldisnet plays an important supporting and bridging role in themes concerning provinces, languages and regions.