Interregional networking

With her choice for an extensive networking and integrated links, Scaldisnet has chosen for a combination of both unity and diversity. Like this, advantages in scale enlargement, task division, specialised service and professionalism were created. Through networking this can be put in, into development projects quite easily. This is not only favourable for the social relevancy of the regional projects but also for the economical efficiency. Mainly active in an area that is marked as Midden-Belgiƫ (mid-Belgium), Scaldisnet profiles itself as an offensive Belgian operator (with Flemish roots), continuously present in the three Regions of Belgium.

Crossing the country frontier but within a single river-basin, different forms of cooperation arose during the past years between the partners in Zealand and Northtern France, for among the Scheldt Information Centre (SIC) in the Netherlands.

Click here for a map of the waterways and watercourses in the basin of the Scheldt.